• 3:35 - How we wrap up our days when working from home.
  • 8:32 - A shut down process can help to signal to your brain that you’re done with work, and give you a fresh start the following day.
  • 9:43 - What “stopping work” can look like if you have an irregular work schedule.
  • 15:24 - Some of our end-of-day rituals we have to separate us from the work mindset.
  • 18:22 - Separate away from your work context for a time when you end your work day so your mind can shift away from the work mindset.
  • 19:16 - Immediately participating in activities that are very similar to what you do for work can prevent you from separating well. Even using the same tools or apps can cause your body to feel like you need to be in work mode.
  • 20:55 - Detaching from work can actually help your mind get breathing room to solve work problems.
  • 20:26 - Working from home sometimes has an expectation that you’re always available to work. You have to build boundaries with your work to give yourself a time away from your job.
  • 23:06 - How regularly scheduled time away from work can actually help you do work better, and how taking sabbaticals with previous jobs helped us perform better in our jobs.
  • 26:03 - You have to take charge of your work time. Nobody is looking over your shoulder all day long to define what you do.
  • 27:20 - When you love what you do, it’s easy to fall into the trap of engaging with work outside of work time. This prevents you from getting true rest and can even get you back into work mode that may need another time of “shutdown”.
  • 29:39 - Communicate with your team when you’re wrapping up your day.
  • 32:10 - It’s not healthy to be constantly thinking, “I should be working right now. I probably need to check on work.” It is a symptom of a larger problem with your work environment.
  • 36:08 - Working for yourself is even tougher because it’s stuff you’re building and working on. You don’t have any built-in accountability to prevent workaholism and burnout.
  • 43:08 - You have to build in your own regulation. You can’t do really good work if you never remove yourself from the context of work.
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