• 1:58 - There’s a lot to be said about meetings, especially when you work from home when it might feel like there’s more meetings than their should be.
  • 4:54 - We talk about how many meetings we have during our weeks and what they look like.
  • 5:23 - Sometimes working corporate means you have meetings to plan for meetings to talk about the meeting you’re going to have later.
  • 14:03 - There are different types of meetings that may come up during a week, but for the most part they can be boiled down to two: additive or subtractive.
  • 17:37 - The root of the difference comes from the specific nature and desired outcome of the meeting.
  • 20:21 - The most important step before having a meeting is determining whether the meeting even needs to happen.
  • 21:17 - Kyle tells a story about some meetings he was required to be at during his corporate job experience: “You were on the project checklist so I invited you to the meeting.”
  • 24:16 - Thinking about why you’re including the people you’re including, and whenever possible, give them an option to show up or not and provide a way for them to catch up later.
  • 27:10 - If the context of the meeting can be handled in an asynchronous way in a post or email or other sort of method that doesn’t require syncing of calendars or isn’t urgent, consider not having a meeting and hosting the conversation in a different medium.
  • 29:22 - There are almost always alternatives to meetings that may be more respectful of the other persons’ time.
  • 32:22 - Establishing processes and documenting how they work will be better in the long term for the productivity of your team.
  • 36:11 - Any time we set up a meeting, there’s a possibility that we’re breaking up the work “flow” of our teammates. Take into account the cost of setting up a meeting.
  • 42:38 - We talk about a handy formula for evaluating the cost of a meeting.
  • 44:34 - What would it look like in your team, company, or organization if you defaulted to no meetings? What would need to change in order to accomplish your goals?
  • 47:18 - It’s not always necessary to eliminate meetings completely. Regular, weekly team meetings can help to prevent isolation and encourage more unity within a team.
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