• 0:00 - Working from home: What’s the downside?
  • 2:48 - There is definitely a loneliness that can set in when you work from home, where you don’t have a physical presence of co-workers near you.
  • 3:07 - It’s sometimes easier to establish a company culture when you’re in person because humans are social creatures. Companies often build their environments to promote togetherness, and that can be harder to accomplish when you work remotely.
  • 5:34 - You have to intentionally modify your environment to make sure you don’t silo yourself away in your work.
  • 6:58 - Companies are, in a sense, also paying you to connect with your co-workers. It’s okay that you’re chatting and connecting with your teammates, because that’s how you build relationships with your team.
  • 10:44 - When you own your company or truly work by yourself, it makes connection with other people that much harder. Find people to socially interact with so you don’t just get lost in the work.
  • 12:36 - Without trust with your teammates and if you don’t know each other, feedback becomes difficult to give and receive.
  • 13:35 - If your coworkers don’t trust you, you end up wasting time in the future because you lose the ability to move rapidly.
  • 15:54 - Give yourself some freedom to enjoy your work time and intentionally reach out to co-workers or friends. Working in complete solitude can have its upsides, but it comes at a cost when you don’t communicate with anyone.
  • 21:52 - It’s very easy to not be recognized for your hard work when you operate in a “silo”. Including your co-workers and team in your journey gives them the opportunity to congratulate you and make sure you know you’re doing a good job.
  • 24:51 - Being open and connected with teammates also helps to indicate where you might need re-alignment, like if you’re working on something that isn’t as important and need to shift focus.
  • 25:55 - There’s a difference between attention seeking or self-congratulation and the desire to be known and acknowledged for doing good work.
  • 31:02 - When you have a positive culture of people looking at what other teammates are doing and celebrating wins, you strengthen your team through positivity and connectedness.
  • 37:12 - When you isolate yourself for days or even weeks on end to “focus on work”, you run the risk of returning with a solution that isn’t quite right or could have benefited from feedback early on in the process.
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