Working from home means you have a lot of freedom. You can work almost anywhere, live almost anywhere, and change the scenery around you. But it can also be isolating, and with isolation comes some feelings we may not be expecting. Today we want to talk about discouragement and how we can overcome it.

Disclaimer: we are not mental health professionals. We are simply sharing from our experiences in this episode and hope it can shed some light on the issue. Please seek the help of a professional if you are constantly discouraged or down on yourself.

  • 4:15 - Disclaimer: We are not mental health professionals. Just two people who work from home speaking from our experiences.
  • 7:00 - Our hope is that this episode can brighten your day. We take this issue seriously but this is not an episode made to discourage you.
  • 10:30 - Take some time and write down what these things look like for you so you can help yourself later when you need it.
  • 12:50 - The definition of discouragement, according to Webster’s Dictionary is: “The state of being discouraged.” And the definition of discouraged is: “To deprive of courage or confidence : DISHEARTEN”
  • 14:15 - The kind of thing we’re talking about is temporary but difficult.
  • 16:14 - Discouragement may affect a certain aspect of your life, not all of it.
  • 16:55 - What makes us become discouraged?
  • 20:32 - Little things compounding is often a source of discouragement.
  • 24:05 - When working from home a significant factor can be the lack of others around you to encourage you/reinforce self-confidence.
  • 24:33 - When we have clearly done something wrong that removes courage and confidence.
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