• 1:12 - Society is starting to understand more and more that endless production is not healthy to the person. There’s a greater push toward caring for mental and physical health.
  • 2:35 - There are three general types of breaks: short, medium, and long.
  • 3:31 - We start by discussing the concept of short breaks.
  • 4:03 - Sometimes you need to just step away from the work for a couple of minutes so you can give your brain and body a bit of reset time.
  • 4:44 - When we do physical labor, we need regular break times to ensure that we give our body adequate time to reset and regain energy, and we need to provide similar relief for our brains.
  • 6:06 - If you find yourself sitting and working at a computer a lot, make sure to add some physical movement to your routine: standing, walking around, exercising, stretching, even just walking around your house can be helpful to your body.
  • 6:53 - One of the greatest benefits of working from home is that if you need to take a break, more often than not you can just do it without requesting permission. As long as expectations with your team are set and met, take a break if you need one!
  • 10:00 - Working non-stop for hours will only ever ensure that the quality of your work decreases. Take regular small breaks throughout your day, especially during long days.
  • 12:15 - Another type of short break is what we call a “reduced output”, which you can do every couple of days. Giving yourself a chance to take care of the things you need to take care of and complete your tasks without the stress of high output.
  • 14:30 - We move into discussing “medium breaks”, starting with the weekend.
  • 16:03 - Weekends, or days off, should considered as a treasured time. Sometimes we pack it full of all the other things and don’t give ourselves adequate time to rest.
  • 18:29 - Mental health days and sick days are benefits you should seek after in your remote job.
  • 21:34 - If you can’t necessarily take mental health days, give yourself a different type of mental break by removing yourself from social media and news for a day.
  • 29:52 - Long breaks could be considered as consecutive days (3 days and up) where you disconnect from work: vacations, sabbaticals, long weekends, etc.
  • 30:26 - We talk about the benefit of sabbaticals, both small-scale and long-term.
  • 32:45 - Allowing yourself or your employees to get good rest can help to improve the quality of work that is produced at your company.
  • 37:31 - We talk a lot about how rest helps us work better, but it’s also important to say that good rest helps us live better as well.
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