• 0:00 - There’s a lot of talk about how to run a company or a team, but how do things look from the perspective of the team? We want to share that in today’s episode.
  • 3:22 - Our perspectives are just that: ours. The best thing you can do as a manager is get to know your own team and know how they work and tick.
  • 4:22 - When bosses and managers show they care about their employees and team members as people, those workers are more likely to produce better results.
  • 9:12 - There’s huge value in feeling like your manager is on your side and is someone you can respect and go to with anything.
  • 11:34 - Nobody wants to feel like a cog in the machine, just showing up to push buttons and then go home.
  • 12:23 - Trust goes both ways, and is earned over time.
  • 13:40 - When you manage people just to manage them and move up your own personal career ladder, you’re missing out on an opportunity to build an incredible team.
  • 21:58 - Nobody truly likes to be micromanaged. Telling your team to install keyloggers and time tracking and screen capture software is directly communicating that you do not trust your team.
  • 25:50 - Working from home is about freedom and, in many (but not all) cases, about family. Empathize with your employees and what is important to them and find ways to empower them to do their best work so they can live their best life.
  • 29:41 - If you default to measuring your team’s success by the amount of time they’re sitting in a chair, you do a major disservice to the people who want to do good work. It takes more work on the part of the manager, but the loyalty you gain is priceless.
  • 37:47 - Hourly time tracking does not take into account proficiency.
  • 41:46 - The better your employees are at their job, the more they should be paid for their ability to do the job itself, not for the amount of time they spend doing it.
  • 47:08 - Employees want to feel like they are more than the numbers that they generate. We’re part of a team, we’re in this together.
  • 48:58 - As simple as it sounds, every employee has different ways of needing to be managed, corrected, and celebrated. A good manager cannot interact with every employee in exactly the same way and expect the same results.
  • 54:50 - Humilty is an underrated virtue among team leaders, and it can open doors to deeper trust than you ever thought possible.
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