Note: we were not sponsored by any of these companies. We genuinely love and recommend these and hope they help!

  • 2:07 - You shouldn’t be reusing any passwords, and it can be difficult to remember all of them. Use a password manager like 1Password, LastPass, or Dashlane, and tighten up your account security.
  • 9:16 - TextExpander allows you to set up snippets of text from quick abbreviations. Type in your shortcut and it expands out into whatever you want it to. An incredible time-saver that saves you from redundant typing.
  • 17:07 - Backblaze is a cloud storage backup service that works behind the scenes on your computer to continuously and securely store your data. You should always have multiple backups for your data and Backblaze is one of the top services out there for this.
    • Note: this is an affiliate link so if you use it, you get a free month and so does Cory. Win win!
  • 22:40 - Things is a task management software for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, with a simple yet powerful interface for handling your upcoming to-dos for the day and beyond. We also recommend picking up Shawn Blanc’s course All The Things, a calm course on productivity and task management.
  • 27:07 - Alfred is a productivity app with customizable workflows, snippets, expanded file search, clipboard history, and more. It’s an incredibly powerful and versatile little app for macOS, even if just for clipboard history (seriously, if you’re not using clipboard history, you need to get that up and running some way somehow).
  • 34:12 - If you’ve ever wanted to record your screen and create seamless and custom recordings for tutorials, walkthroughs, or troubleshooting, ScreenFlow is a fantastic screen recording app for macOS that gives you both recording and editing capabilities straight in the software.
  • 39:31 - Bonus software we use: Zoom, Spotify
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