Giving and receiving feedback is difficult enough in person, but how do you handle it when working remotely? When is the right time to provide feedback and what should we keep in mind during a feedback discussion? In today’s episode we dive into the topic of feedback and how you can tailor your feedback to achieve the best results.

  • 3:50 - What is good feedback?
    • 3:59 - Respects the person on the receiving end by acknowledging their hard work.
    • 8:41 - Includes positive aspects mixed with negative aspects.
    • 16:05 - Allows for open discussion. Feedback should never be one sided.
    • 17:44 - Offers potential solutions. Feedback should be backed up by something helpful alternatives.
  • 21:35 - When is the right time to provide feedback?
    • When you are collaborating on a project and feedback is assumed to be part of the process.
    • 21:45 - Preferably as “in-person” as possible (inflection, tone, etc is hard to read through text).
    • 23:52 - When you’re asked to provide it.
  • 29:50 - What is good reception of feedback?
    • 30:00 - Listen to the other person and do not jump to defense of anything.
    • 32:06 - Ask clarifying questions if you feel the other person is not understanding your goals or if you don’t understand the way something was worded. (e.g. “Do you believe someone in their early 20’s wouldn’t want this?” instead of “I am trying to reach people in their early 20’s though…“)
    • 44:50 - TAKE NOTES (and record it if possible)
  • 50:51 - When is the right time to look for feedback?
    • 50:57 - When you’re in the right headspace to accept it. Don’t ask when you’re already frustrated.
    • 55:04 - When you’re stuck and feel like something could be just a bit better.
    • 55:46 - When you think you’re done with something but want a second pair of eyes on it.
  • 57:41 - How can feedback best be handled remotely?
    • 57:50 - Get on a video call or share a screen recording with the other person if the feedback is comprehensive.
    • 58:29 - Be very clear about your intentions if you are delivering the feedback through text.
    • 59:31 - Be very specific if you are seeking feedback.
    • 59:49 - If you are collaborating and need to provide feedback that was not explicitly asked for, always offer a call or send a screen recording.
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