It can be difficult to find time to continue your education in life, whether it’s in an official university sense or just on your own. In our work, however, if we stop learning about our industry, we can quickly be left behind. Even if the type of work you do is virtually unchangeable, there’s still much you can learn to better yourself.

  • 1:05 - Making time for learning and self-education can be difficult. It requires intentionality and planning.
  • 3:22 - Always have a spirit of learning. Have the humility to remember you don’t know everything, and you’re not done. There’s always more knowledge to be gained.
  • 6:09 - Develop out specific educational times in your workweek. This might be tricky in your particular situation, but education in your craft and field can only ever help you in your job and career.
  • 9:42 - Have a learning goal and make a plan to accomplish it. Be specific, dream big, and take your education into your own hands.
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