If you’re a content creator, you might find yourself needing to record audio or video for your content, which has its own challenges, but what if you needed to livestream? What if you’re whole job is based on streaming live events but you don’t have a professional studio? And what if you need to travel? On today’s show, we welcome Angel Marie, Creator Educator at ConvertKit, to talk about the processes she’s developed to produce live events for thousands of people all while working from home.

  • 1:50 - We welcome Angel to the show and talk about how long she’s been working remotely.
  • 7:56 - Sometimes the biggest challenges in working from home lies in the technology required to do our jobs.
  • 11:14 - How Angel deals with perfectionism when her main job doing webinars live for hundreds of viewers.
  • 14:40 - If you’re a content creator, some of the most meaningful connections with your audience comes from live interactions.
  • 18:25 - Angel shares her work setup as someone who has moved around a lot while having a job that requires livestreaming.
  • 24:25 - How to manage setting up your personal environments for productivity if you travel for work.
  • 29:29 - Angel recounts the time where she had a live event in an hour…and her power went out.
  • 37:05 - Time in solitude can be really beneficial for your productivity, though without good balance it can lead to increased loneliness if not kept in check.
  • 40:33 - The temptation to not take work seriously can impact your day, and you may need to adjust your environment and work on your discipline to make sure things get done.
  • 45:55 - Set your creative space up for success. Your environment truly impacts your work.

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