Planning Ahead for Your Career and Future

Episode 039

January 12, 2021

A lot of people are happy with their jobs. Maybe you're comfortable with your current status and have no plans to change anything. But what happens when the unexpected occurs? Have you given any thought to what comes next? In today's episode we talk about why you should be thinking about "the next thing" and how to prepare yourself for your future.

The Future of Working From Home

Episode 038

January 05, 2021

The future. We're there...or are we? Much has changed in the work landscape over the years, and it seems with every passing year the evolution of working from home continues on in new and unexpected ways. In today's episode we sit back and speculate and dream about what the future of working from home could look like.

How to Be Invaluable and Future Proof Your Career

Episode 037

December 28, 2020

Everyone wants to keep their job. Even if you hate your job, there's a reason you have it. We want to keep our jobs, and most people want to be good at their jobs. Is it possible to be both valuable and invaluable? How do you become the best type of worker that builds value for the company and future proofs your own career? That's exactly what we want to talk about in this episode.

Dealing With Discouragement (Part 2) - Overcoming and moving forward

Episode 036

December 15, 2020

Is discouragement an inherently bad thing? How can we go from being discouraged to using it as a tool to accomplish our goals? This is the second part of a conversation about discouragement and how to overcome it when working from home.

Dealing With Discouragement (Part 1) - What makes us discouraged?

Episode 035

December 08, 2020

Working from home means you have a lot of freedom. You can work almost anywhere, live almost anywhere, and change the scenery around you. But it can also be isolating, and with isolation comes some feelings we may not be expecting. Today we want to talk about discouragement and how we can overcome it.

Building Trust and Working From Home with Cory McCabe

Episode 034

December 01, 2020

Working from home comes with different challenges depending on your situation, but one of the universal problems to solve is trust building between the employer and employee. How do you handle working with an employer that wants to track your every click and keystroke? How do you produce work that not only gets the job done but showcases your capabilities? In today's episode we welcome our good friend Cory McCabe to talk about all these things and more.

Why You Should Prioritize Sleep Even When You Can't Get Enough

Episode 033

November 24, 2020

Sleep is something we all need, and we know it... so why do we so often make it the lowest priority? Everyone has the same amount of hours in their day, but there is such a discrepancy in the amount of sleep we get. How do we manage our sleep if we often feel like we have so little time to dedicate to it in the first place? Let's talk about it.

Giving and Receiving Feedback That Gets Maximum Results

Episode 032

November 17, 2020

Giving and receiving feedback is difficult enough in person, but how do you handle it when working remotely? When is the right time to provide feedback and what should we keep in mind during a feedback discussion? In today's episode we dive into the topic of feedback and how you can tailor your feedback to achieve the best results.

Why Learning Should Be a Top Priority in Your Career

Episode 031

November 10, 2020

It can be difficult to find time to continue your education in life, whether it's in an official university sense or just on your own. In our work, however, if we stop learning about our industry, we can quickly be left behind. Even if the type of work you do is virtually unchangeable, there's still much you can learn to better yourself.

Work Environment, Side Projects, and Staying Disciplined with Charli Marie Prangley

Episode 030

November 04, 2020

Going from working in a huge building with hundreds of co-workers to a work-from-home environment can be scary. How do you stay disciplined? How do you take advantage of the fact that you actually now have no commute? How do you stay creative in your home space? On today's show we welcome designer and YouTuber Charli Marie Prangley to talk about her thoughtful approach to work space, how she manages side projects and full time work, and how she manages to stay disciplined through her workdays.

Livestreaming, Travel, and Working From Home with Angel Marie

Episode 029

October 27, 2020

If you're a content creator, you might find yourself needing to record audio or video for your content, which has its own challenges, but what if you needed to livestream? What if you're whole job is based on streaming live events but you don't have a professional studio? And what if you need to travel? On today's show, we welcome Angel Marie, Creator Educator at ConvertKit, to talk about the processes she's developed to produce live events for thousands of people all while working from home.

Automation, Processes, and Working From Home with Sean McCabe

Episode 028

October 20, 2020

What do you think working from home will look like in 5 years? What about 15 years? The landscape could look completely different, so why not get some insight from someone who has worked from home that long? On today's show we welcome our good friend Sean McCabe of seanwes to talk about automating processes, setting up systems, and developing a work environment over the better part of 15 years.

How to Get Everything Done While Working From Home Without Losing Your Mind

Episode 027

October 13, 2020

Working from home means you're the one who ultimately manages your own time and structure. Without solid practices and habits in place, you can very easily get overwhelmed by the sheer number of things that have to be done. In this episode we take a closer look at how to break down tasks and get things done.

How to Stay Healthy and Active While Working From Home

Episode 026

October 06, 2020

Sitting at a desk all day can really take a toll on your health in many ways, and when you work from home that is really easy to do. In this episode we take a deep dive into ways you can stay active and healthy without being overwhelmed. We are by no means health experts but we have learned some tough lessons along the way and want to highly this topic. It often gets pushed to the side but is truly vital when working from home, often in isolation.

How to Conserve and Protect Your Time and Energy

Episode 025

September 29, 2020

It seems like everyone and everything is trying to get a piece of your time and attention. Notifications, emails, family, co-workers, deadlines, side-projects, and a hundred other things pull at you from all directions. How do you decide what can stay and what needs to give? In this episode we discuss how we manage our time and energy so that the most important things in life get the attention they need.

Why You Should Have a Plan for the Unexpected

Episode 024

September 23, 2020

Imagine you're sitting at home, minding your own business, getting your work done, when suddenly the power goes out. No electricity, no internet. For most people who are working from home, this means being unable to actually do any work, or at least any of the critical things. What if your computer stops working, or your primary tool of work breaks? Do you have a plan? What steps will you take if all of a sudden everything breaks down? Are you prepared to handle the unexpected? In today's episode we discuss how we're preparing for worst case scenarios and how you can prepare your own work environment for the unexpected.

Coffee Corner #2 - Adjusting Work Routines as Life Changes

Episode 023

September 15, 2020

Working from home is a mix of structure and chaos, routine and unknown. Life has changed for a lot of people this year, and our work environments seem to keep shifting as well. Every few episodes we pretend like we're not recording and just have a conversation like we're catching up at a coffee shop, and on today's show we talk about some of the ways we keep focused even when life is constantly changing around us.

How to Stay Organized When You Work From Home (with Jeff Sheldon)

Episode 022

September 08, 2020

We sat down with Jeff Sheldon, the founder and designer of Ugmonk, to chat about how he stays organized while running his lifestyle brand from home. With over 10 years of experience working from home, Jeff shared valuable insights about working from home with a family, getting things done, and what the future of working from home may look like.

Establishing Your Work From Home Cadence

Episode 021

September 01, 2020

In an office setting there is more control over where you are and when you are there. Even other small factors are delegated, that just comes with the territory. But when you work from home there is a dynamic shift. Where you are and specifically when you are there are less important in many cases and the focus falls more on your output. Working from home affords us some flexibility, so what does it look like to stay healthy and on track when you can set up some rules for yourself?

Helpful Hardware for Working At Home

Episode 020

August 25, 2020

In the previous episode we talked about different types of software we regularly use when working from home. Software is only half of the puzzle, and at some point you have to start thinking about the physical items you have to assist you in your work. In today's show we talk about the "hardware" we have to work from home better, even some of the not-so-obvious ones.

Software We Use When Working From Home

Episode 019

August 18, 2020

It's almost inevitable that if you work from home you're going to be on a computer of some sort. The software you use on a daily basis becomes the means by which you get your work done, and so we think you should be using the best software you can. In this episode we talk about some of our favorite apps and services and how we use them.

What Remote Employees Wish Their Employers Knew

Episode 018

August 11, 2020

There are a lot of podcasts out there about leaders and how they manage employees. It's not hard to find articles and interviews by business owners and managers about how they manage teams. In this episode we thought it might be interesting to talk about the other side of things, from the perspective of a remote worker up.

How to Get to Know Your Coworkers When You Work Remotely

Episode 017

August 04, 2020

One of the challenges with working from home is building trust and relationship between you and your coworkers. It's easy to occupy the same digital space and get work done without knowing anything about your team. Better relationships leads to better work, and so the challenge is worth it. As a follow-up to the previous episode on the downsides of working alone, we discuss some practical ways to get to know your coworkers when working remotely.

The Main Downside of Working Alone and How To Prevent It

Episode 016

July 28, 2020

There's really no way about it: when you work remotely, you're going to work alone more often than not. A lot of really great focused work can come from the lack of distraction, and there are a lot of reasons why this sometimes produces really great results. There is, however, a significant downside, one that can damage your team and company culture in significant ways. Let's talk about how to break the cycle of working in a vacuum.

Coffee Corner #1 - Just Checking In

Episode 015

July 21, 2020

Most episodes on this show have a specific topic related to working from home, but today we stepped back to just check in with each other and talk about our current circumstances and how we're doing. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and join in on our conversation.

A Better Alternative to Working Non-Stop

Episode 014

July 14, 2020

Working from home is great but can also have some troublesome side effects, one of which is completely forgetting to stop working for long periods of time. Sometimes we can go entire days without taking breaks, and it shouldn't be hard to figure out that that's not healthy. In this episode we talk about various types of breaks you can and should implement in your work schedule.

Meetings: Necessary, necessary evils, or just evil?

Episode 013

July 07, 2020

In the previous episode we talked about video calls specifically and our own fatigue with them. In this episode we’re going to put our focus directly on meetings. When you work remote, they can be either helpful...or very much not. Are they actually necessary, or are there other ways to communicate that improve how we work?

Video Call Fatigue: We've Got It

Episode 012

June 30, 2020

You know it. We know it. Video calls are here and they are in abundance. Whether it's for work, family, friends, or something else entirely, we are finding ourselves in front of our screens and on video calls more than ever before. On today's episode we talk about the impact that the increase in video calls is having on us and discuss some practical ways you can give yourself, your eyes, and your mind, some much needed recuperation.

Prevent Distraction and Improve Your Focus With One Simple Change

Episode 011

June 23, 2020

The tendency to become distracted can be challenging to overcome, especially when you work in an environment by yourself or when there's copious amounts of freedom given. The discipline required to really get things done at home has to come from within. You have to take control of your attention and cut out the things that are taking your focus away from where it needs to be. In this episode, we're going to talk about one of the top distractions that is begging for your attention every minute of every day and how to overcome it.

Getting Work Done When You Have Side Projects You Love

Episode 010

June 16, 2020

We recently heard from a friend: "I am struggling so bad with doing anything productive at work. All I want to do is my own stuff." Side projects can be great, and they have the power to positively shape our lives in incredible ways. But how do you balance work, side projects, family, friends, and everything else? In this episode, we talk about how to make sure that your side project doesn't take over, but instead becomes part of your life in a healthy way.

How to Prevent Burnout and Maintain Quality Work

Episode 009

June 09, 2020

When you work from home, you never "go home". So how do you know when your day is over? How do you signal to yourself that it's time to be done? Somedays it feels like the work is never going to end, but it's because we haven't established boundaries for ourselves and scheduled out our days. Working too much may feel more productive, but you're on your way to burnout. In this episode we talk about setting boundaries, routines to wrap up work, and regulating yourself toward a healthier work day.

Working From Home with Austin Saylor

Episode 008

June 02, 2020

On today's show we had the great privilege of welcoming our good friend Austin Saylor to the show. He's a motion designer who has been working from home for almost four years and brings a great perspective on running his own business while working remote.

5 Tips for Communicating With People You Work With

Episode 007

May 26, 2020

Working in an office or directly around other people provides you with a context of communication, both verbal and non-verbal. There are plenty of opportunities to engage with co-workers and get or receive information. Working from home means you have to be much more intentional about information, relationships, and communication with those you work with. In this episode we talk about how to improve your online communication with your workmates and why it's important to foster as much clarity and understanding as possible.

5 Tips for Communicating With People You're Close To

Episode 006

May 19, 2020

There are two "categories" of people you have to learn to communicate with when you work from home: the people in your life and the people on the other side of the screen. In this episode we talk about how you can communicate with people in your life and how it can help set the tone of your work life.

Does Listening to Music Help or Hurt Productivity?

Episode 005

May 12, 2020

For many remote workers, the work day begins once the headphones come on and the playlist starts rolling. We turn the music up to 11 and get down to business. On today's episode we talk about the pros and cons of listening to music, podcasts, and other audio while trying to get work done.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Day Before It Even Starts

Episode 004

May 05, 2020

Little chunks of time can be slowly eaten away when you work at home, but all of those little chunks have to go somewhere. How can you structure your day to accomplish meaningful work while staying far away from burnout? Let's talk about it.

Does It Matter How You Dress When You Work From Home?

Episode 003

April 30, 2020

Getting dressed and ready puts your brain in a different mode. It’s a clear distinction between sleep time and work time. Not only do you feel better, but you’ll also have more confidence as you go to get your work done.

Define Your Spaces for Better Separation and Balance

Episode 002

April 30, 2020

Figuring out a good rhythm of work and life when working from home can be tricky. It takes time and intentionality to assign roles to your space, and how you view your working context is key to healthy and mindful separation.

A New Show to Help You Work From Home

Episode 001

April 30, 2020

Welcome to Commuteless, a show about working from home with less stress and more freedom so you can live life on your terms. In this initial episode we talk about our experience of working from home and discuss our vision for this show.

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